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Does Vinegar Age Stainless Steel?

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Does Vinegar Age Metal?  I love that worn, aged metal… you know that vintage look that makes a piece look like it’s lived a long life!  Well, today I’ve got an easy trick where you can age brand new metal to get that look. So let’s see how to age metal!

Does vinegar age metal?


Does Vinegar Age Metal

Here’s what I started with…


this stainless steel bucket that I picked up at my local hardware store.  I took some sandpaper to the outside and scuffed it up a bit.  You are just trying to create a surface where the vinegar can penetrate a little easier.


So I placed the stainless steel bucket in a bowl and filled the outside with white vinegar.  I used beans and popcorn to help hold it down, so it stayed submerged.  Then I let the bucket soak over night in the vinegar and here’s what I had in the morning.


Some gentle, gorgeous aging.

Isn’t that just amazing??  Who knew it would be so easy to age a metal bucket!

I think if it soaked the bucket even longer in the vinegar it might age more?  But I love the gentle worn look that it ended up with.

So if you were wondering how do I age metal with vinegar… I hope this easy tutorial answered your question!

How to age metal with vinegar! The easy way to get the vintage, worn look with metal.


Does Vinegar Age Metal Stainless Steel

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  1. Really liked the chalkboard with awesome printing on it. Great job. How do you know how to print words that way? Looks so professional. Hope their wedding is fantastic .
    Appreciate the tip about aging metal. I like how galvanized looks, noticed some have a wavy like pattern, then others have none. Been looking at lots of chicken containers lately so galvanized has been on my mind.
    Spending more time at Tractor supply since we got our 5 chickens 4 weeks ago. Have gotten 4 eggs in a week. 3 of eggs are light aqua hue. Didn’t know chickens laid aqua eggs.
    Tractor supply has some cute buckets, different sizes with different galvanized patterns on them.
    I find it interesting how much I’ve learned about many subjects just reading posts for last couple years. So much talent out there. Happy summer days

    1. Hi Jane – I found fonts I liked and printed out a page with the layout I liked and then just did my best to copy it.

  2. Your bucket looks super. I rust my cans etc but sanding them and then spraying them with bleach. Depending on how much you sand them, they almost rust right before your eyes. Really. And yes I’m sure it will ruin stainless steel. But I happen to like ruined 🙂

  3. It seems that the bucket is galvanized, rather than stainless, steel. It’s finish is microns thick, like a layer. I doubt it would work on stainless steel.
    It does make the galvanized steel look beautifully aged, though!

  4. So if this works, does that mean I may be damaging my stainless steel appliances by using vinegar to clean them? hmmmm

  5. I’ve tried one where it said to mix vinegar and bleach only to find out the chemical reaction could have been dangerous. Yikes! For now, I’ll stick to something more simple and safe – like this!


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