Vintage Animal Bookmarks

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Hey, it’s me, Erin, from Elizabeth Joan Designs and I’m back with another fun project for you! Spring is almost here and I can’t wait until it is warm enough to get the family outside to play. In the mean time, we’ve been reading a lot of good books to keep us occupied. So, for this month’s 5 minute craft, I thought it was only appropriate to share some cute Vintage Animal Bookmarks!

Laminated Vintage Bunny Bookmark

These sweet bookmarks are so easy to whip up and you only need a few supplies.

Materials needed:  {affiliate links provided for your convenience)

I chose an adorable bunny for my daughter and a cool blue fish for my son (both images from The Graphics Fairy), although these would work great for adults too. Find your favorite animal and let’s get to work!

Animals Printed on Paper

To start, cut out the animal shape with scissors. Keep your scissors handy, because you will definitely need them a few more times.

Cutting Out Animal Shapes with Scissors for vintage bookmarks

Next, using the glue stick, attach the animal to the back side (non-textured/patterned side) of the colored cardstock.

Glue Fish on Blue Paper for bookmark

Then, cut around the animal again, so that the print is on one side and the texture/pattern in on the reverse.

Animal Rabbit Fish Shapes

Finally, fire up the laminator, run the animals bookmarks through, and cut them out, leaving a little bit of extra edge. (If you don’t have access to a laminator, you can sandwich the bookmarks between pieces of clear contact paper.) This last step will give them some much need durability.

Laminated Blue Pink Animals

How cute did these vintage animal bookmarks turn out? They would be so great to add to an Easter basket or slip into a birthday card! Which animal would you choose to use?

Vintage Animal Bookmarks - learn how to make your own

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