Vintage Seed Packet Plant Markers

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Hello lovely friends! It is Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs, here again to share with you another quick craft. With the wonderful weather we’ve been having lately, I’m sure that there have been plenty of people outside tending to their gardens. So, I decided to show you how to make some cool Vintage Seed Packet Plant Markers.

Vintage Seed Packet Plant Marker - a 5 minute craft for your garden

Vintage Seed Packet Planter Markers

Aren’t these fun? To make your own, you will need:

Vintage Seed Packet Planter Markers Supplie List:  {affiliate links included for your convenience}

(Note: The time I actually spent putting this little project together was less than 5 minutes per plant marker. However, this does not count the drying time of the Mod Podge, wood glue, and acrylic coating, since it was easy enough for me to get other things done, like dinner, while they dried.)

Vegetable Plant Marker Supplies

I found a Vintage Seed Packet printable on Etsy from The Old Design Shop. However, you could totally use the packets that your seeds actually come in if you didn’t want to spend the extra money. I just loved the aged feel of these pretties and decided they would be perfect for this project!

Mod Podge Paper Onto Wood to create Vintage Seed Packet Markers for your garden

To start, I cut out each of the individual seed packet designs and used Mod Podge to attach them to the wood rectangles, painting the adhesive with the foam brush straight onto the wood, then over the top of the paper to seal it.

Adhesive Drying Seed Packet for 5 Minute Garden Craft

Once those were dry, I attached the craft sticks to the back with wood glue. So easy!

Wood Glue Popsicle Sticks to Vintage Seed Packets

After the wood glue cured, it was time for the final step. I found this awesome water resistant clear acrylic coating at the craft store and sprayed it on both sides of the plant markers to help them hold up outside in the weather.

Water Resistant Sealer a great way to put your crafts outdoors

Then it was time to put the vintage seed packet plant markers to the test. Since my kids were running around the yard with water guns, I had them shoot the fronts of the markers and was so happy with the results. One long stream of water proved that these little guys would hold up to the elements. You can see how the water beaded up and ran right off.

Water Proof Plant Marker sealed with acrylic sealer

These seed packet plant markers could brighten up any garden and add a fun, unique flair to plant identification!

Vintage Seed Packet Plant Marker a great 5 minute craft that adds cute decor to your garden

Well, that wraps up another fun 5 minute craft. Look for me again next month or hop on over to my blog, Elizabeth Joan Designs to check out more quick projects and fun DIY ideas! Oh, and let’s chat! Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram!


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