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Washi Tape Lamp Shade

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Happy Monday!  I’ve got a cute & easy project to share with you today. 

washi, tape, lamp, shade, green

I’m still in the process of updating our oldest daughter’s bedroom, so last week I got to the lampshade for her cute mason jar lamp.

Other than a little patience, this was so simple to do.

washi, tape, lamp, shade, gree

Once you decide on your spacing, you just need to stick it on. 

The shade I had is a brushed fabric, so I found that the ends were coming undone.  I used a little dab of hot glue on the ends to keep the tape in place.

washi, tape, lamp, shade, green

Super cute & super easy!

washi, tape, lamp, shade, green

I scored this roll of washi tape at the SoCal Social last fall.  It’s from Downtown Tape… I love the color and swirl design.

washi, tape, lamp, shade, green

Thanks for stopping by friends!  Have a great week.



  1. Ok, I saw this post and got so excited because I have a plain white shade and washi tape! I didn't make mine as detailed as yours but I'm soooo much happier with the shade now! What an easy fix and thank you for sharing it!

  2. There's that Washi Tape again! I've got to get well and outta this house soon, so I can do some Valentine's clearance and other(Washi Tape)shopping. Your lampshade looks awesome!


    Bless you,


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