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Welcome Summer Printables

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Hello there Domestically Speaking readers…it’s Laura from Inspiration for Moms. I am back with two FREE printables in honor of my favorite month….June.  There are three reasons why I love this month so much.  First, my husbands birthday is on the 22 of June. Second, my birthday is the day after my husband’s on the 23rd. Pretty cool, huh? We literally have birthdays hours apart. (Little side note story: when we were dating, my husband wanted to get married on one of our birthdays. You know, so he could cover the anniversary and birthday gifts all at once and not have to remember any other dates the rest of the year.  Ya, nice try buddy! It didn’t happen.) And finally the third reason why I love June so much is because it holds the official start of summer. Whoop! Let’s all cheer! So, of course we need to celebrate with some cute Welcome Summer Printables.

CUTE Summer Printable with a Beach Umbrella - Hello Summer!!!

(To print, right click on image and save to your computer)


I love living in Colorado…I do. It has beautiful sunny days, gorgeous mountains, and lots of wonderful hiking trails. But the one thing it lacks….an ocean with a sandy beach. Boo! So since I couldn’t bring the beach to me I created a little beach printable to put a smile in my day. Hello there summer. 😉

I think we can all agree on this next printable….

CUTE Summer Printable - Less Monday, More Summer - It's FREE

(To print, right click on image and save to your computer)


My goal for this summer is to hang with my boys more and work less. Even though I want to work hard to grow my blog, I know this time with my boys is more precious. So this printable is going up right next to the computer as my daily reminder. Over the next few months I’ll be outside chillin’ with my boys while stylin’ with our shades on!  Except when we’re on the trampoline…it’s a little hard to rock the sunglasses and jump at the same time. Trust me…I’ve already tried. 😉

These are the cutest!!!  Celebrate summer with these two free printables

I hope these summer printables make their way into your home and help you enjoy this warm, lazy season. I’ll be back again next month with some more freebies just for you. Until then, you can stop by my blog Inspiration for Moms or find me on Facebook or Instagram. Happy Summer to you!




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