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What Makes A Room…

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Today I thought it would be fun to share my TOP 10 Things that Make a Room (in no particular order).

#1  Cream’ification… it could be your crown molding, a throw pillow… but I think every room could use some white (in fact it’s my favorite color… my kiddos think that’s crazy).  I love it because it makes everything else look more amazing!

#2  Texture… one of my favorites is burlap, but there are so many options.  But texture is a great way to add depth to your room and I also think it makes a room look more lived in and comfortable.

burlap bookshelf 7

#3  Glam… I love a little bling in my space… a little shimmer or sparkle.  It doesn’t have to be a huge piece, but it’s something that will draw your eye to it.

#4  Dark and Dreamy… something black in a space makes a statement too.  I think it grounds  a space and makes a space have a substantial feel… a feeling of importance.

#5 Architecture… maybe it’s some chunky crown molding, some board & batten or some beadboard…. but add some to your room and you’ve instantly given your room some classic character.

#6  Fab Fabrics… It’s amazing how fabric changes a space!  I love fabric on my windows and of course some pretty pillows.  Not only does fabric help to absorb the noises of your home (if you have lively ones like me) but it instantly tells the store of your style and puts the cozy factor in play.


#7  Paint… you know I couldn’t leave out paint!  There is no cheaper, quicker way to change a space than by painting the walls.  Even if you want white walls… having the right shade of white will make a big difference over your builder white.  Add a painted stencil or stripes for even more impact.


#8  Memories… I love walking into someone’s home and seeing who they are in the their accessories.  Maybe it’s shots of their kiddos playing on the beach or a bowl of shells they collected, but it’s the items that share your memories that make your home personalized.

[nature 4[4].jpg]

#9  Mirror, mirror on the wall… I love mirrors!  I love the way they add light to a space.  A well placed mirror can make a huge impact in a room.

#10  Nature… bring the outdoors in!  Whether a potted plant, twigs in a vase, a bowl of shells, bamboo or framed leaves… bringing the outdoors in brings life to a room.

So… do you have anything to add to the “What Makes A Room” list?

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  1. Great post! Happy to know i have many of these in our rooms. I especially like the nature part.

  2. Love the scroll work behind the knobs on the cupboard doors! Is this something that can be purchased at a home improvement store?

  3. Some great reminders of the basics! I know that sometimes getting little projects done here and there causes me to (pleasantly) lose focus and put the basics on the back burner. Thanks for the reminder and lovely photos of your home and projects!

  4. Wow. I think we are twins 😉 I do all those things… but my house does not look as glam as yours! Dang it.
    Oh well, I’ll keep on trying 😉 Shannon

  5. Pictures of family, art the kids created, a basket of shoes by the front door, and a quilt laying over the arm of the sofa…honey, I’m home!

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