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Winter Wonderland Gumball Machine

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It’s thrift store time again and this month of I’ve got a Winter Wonderland Gumball Machine to share with you!  I just love these mini-scenes of winter!  Living in Southern California I only see snow if we happen to get rain and I travel up to our local mountains, so I love creating little magical, snowy vinettes of winter.

Winter Wonderland Gumball Machine

If you find a gumball machine at a thrift store I highly suggest scooping it up.

Here’s what I used to make this Winter Wonderland Gumball Machine:  (affiliate links provided for your convenience)

I first cleaned the gumball machine well with some window cleaner.  Then I used a screwdriver to remove the top.  I stuffed cotton balls into the base to even out the bottom, so it would be easier to place the snow on top.

Then I sprinkled on some sparkly snow to create the magical winter wonderland.

I finished it off with a few trees and a couple snowmen.

I found that using a needlenose pliers made placing the trees and snowmen a little easier.

With just a few minutes of work, you can create this cute winter scene too.

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Winter Wonderland Gumball Machine from a thrift store find. Easy to transform into a winter scene.


    1. I’ve been in a “toss everything” mood lately, I hope I’m keeping all my future treasures… you just never know.

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