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DIY Vintage Style Wood Christmas Ornaments

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Happy Holidays everyone! Today I’m combining my love for vintage glass Christmas ornaments and my passion for DIY into one easy project. This is my gift to you, DIY vintage style wood Christmas ornaments!


Wood Christmas Ornament

Before I share how to make these adorable ornaments, I have to say this project is bitter sweet for me. This is the last tutorial I’ll share as a member of the Domestically Speaking 2016 Creative Team. Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my DIY projects over the past year. Thank you also to Maryann for inviting me to join this amazing group of talented people. I had a blast sharing some new DIY ideas with you!


Do you remember a few months ago I shared plans for a chippy paint rosette candle holder? If you missed it, I mentioned a buddy had given me some wood rosettes that he never used. I had them kicking around my workshop for years until I used a few for the candle holder. I still had a few left and while looking at them I was struck by more inspiration!


I LOVE vintage glass Christmas ornaments! I’m mesmerized by all of the colors and shiny metallic glass. When I looked at the center of the rosette, I thought, “hey, this looks like the center of a vintage glass Christmas ornament!” The trouble with glass ornaments is they are so fragile, but wood ornaments would be virtually indestructible. Plus they would be great for people with kiddos and pets.


These are great for decorating your own tree, but they’re quick to make, so they are also great for gift giving. To make it even more of a gift, I created a small gift tray from scrap plywood. Between the inexpensive rosettes and the scrap wood gift tray, these make attractive, economical gifts for neighbors, teachers, coworkers or anyone on your gift list.


Below I’ll show you how easy it is to transform rosettes into vintage style wood Christmas ornaments, then skate over to Saws on Skates for the easy to make plan for the gift tray.

DIY Vintage Style Wood Christmas Ornaments (affiliate links included for your convenience)


Step 1. Install the Hanger. Locate the center of one edge on the rosette using a straight edge from corner to corner.


At the intersection, install the eye hook. If you’re having trouble screwing in the eye hook, use a drill with a small drill bit to predrill a hole. Remove the eye hook to paint the rosettes.


Step 2. I painted the rosettes with a metallic silver paint. I’m undecided if this step is actually necessary. Here’s why… in the following steps I applied craft paints as a base coat for the FolkArt Extreme Glitter paints. Some of the craft paints went on more solid and hid the metallic paint. Some craft paints went on more opaque and let the metallic paint show through which added to the shimmer of the piece. If nothing else, the metallic paint provided a good base coat for the craft paints.

Adding metallic paint to the DIY Vintage Style Wood Christmas Ornament

Step 3. Next, I applied craft paints over the metallic silver paint. The craft paints are a base coat for the FolkArt Extreme Glitter paints. I chose colors similar to the FolkArt Extreme Glitter paints I’ll apply in Step 4.

Base coat on DIY Vintage Style Wood Christmas Ornament

Step 4. After the base coats were dry I applied the FolkArt Extreme Glitter paints.

Glitter paint for wood Christmas ornaments

I applied at lease two coats of the glitter paint. You can apply additional coats for additional shimmer.

DIY Vintage Style Christmas Ornaments apply glitter paint

Step 5. Reinstall the eye hook hanger.

The hanger on the DIY Vintage Style Wood Christmas Ornament

Step 6. Make the Wood Gift Tray. Please skate over to Saws on Skates for the easy gift tray plans.

DIY Vintage Style Wood Christmas Ornaments in a box

How easy was that? I hope you enjoyed this vintage style Christmas ornament tutorial! Thank you again for allowing me to share some new DIY ideas with you over the past year. I hope this won’t be goodbye forever. Please stop by Saws on Skates often to see what I’m up to and follow me on Pinterest. And who knows, maybe Maryann and I will team up for some DIY projects in the future!

Vintage Style Wood Christmas Ornaments get the tutorial on how to make these cute ornaments perfect for gifts

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