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Wooden Swing Shelf

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I came across the coolest wooden swing shelf on Anthropologie and I was TOTALLY inspired to make one. I thought this shelf just screams SPRING to me.  I added a nautical vibe because I love all things beachy.  So let me show you how I made it.  Plus make sure to check out the other awesome Power Tool projects featured below.

An easy DIY Hanging Shelfing for your bathroom


Wooden Swing Shelf Project List:

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  • cedar fence post (mine cost $2 and some change at my local hardware store, plus you’ll have enough wood to make 3 shelves- score!)
  • rope
  • drill (my favorite)
  • miter saw (any saw will work – this is my go-to saw though)
  • sander (my favorite)
  • hook or nail (I went easy with the nail)

I wanted my shelf to be 2 feet long.  So I used my miter saw and cut down the board.

Cutting the cedar fence post for the swinging shelf

Then I used my drill and a drill bit just a little bigger than the diameter of the rope (so you can slide the rope through the hole) and drilled a hole in each corner.

Drilling Holes for your DIY swinging shelf

I just eyeballed… but I went in about 1″ on each side.

Then I used my sander and gave it a good sanding so it was smooth to the touch.  Make sure that you go around those holes you just drilled to smooth off those drilled edges.

How to add rope to your swing shelf

Now it’s time to get your rope.  I started on one side and tied a knot on the bottom of the board.  You just need 1 knot but pull it tight.  Now turn the board over and you want to tie another knot on the other side of this hole.  You want to leave about an inch between the board and the knot.

DIY Swing Shelf made with cedar and rope

Now take the end of that rope to the other side’s hole.  You want to tie the knot on top first on this side.  You’ll want to play around and see how low you want the shelf to hang to decide where you want to tie that knot.  I left the knots on the 2nd side a little loose until I was sure about the length.  I took the shelf to the bathroom and made sure it was just right before I made it snug.

Now put the end of the rope through the hole and tie it off… making sure you’re leaving enough slack on the top so you have that inch gap between the cedar shelf and the hole.

DIY Nautical Shelf with Rope an easy project

Now repeat on the next side.  I did the back rope 1st, so this second rope (front rope) is going to be slightly longer because the rope needs to stretch back at the top to hang on the nail.

So when you get to the second side make sure you try hanging it on the wall and that the shelf is sitting flat before you make it really tight.  I had to play with mine a little to get it just right.

Seriously, friends, this is a 20 minute from start to finish project!!!

Of course, you can pick any wood you want… stain it, paint it, use different colored ropes… so many possibilities!

Bathroom Swing Shelf DIY Project

I hung mine on the side of my bathtub.  I add some flowers, a votive, and a starfish.  The cedar shelf goes perfectly with our cedar plank wall we installed last year.  It definitely added to the spa feel I’m going for in here.

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  1. I love that shelf! I have some wood I was thinking about making shelves from, one will definitely be a swing shelf.

    I recently found your blog and love it! I am making my way through it. ?

  2. What a simple and adorable idea for a shelf. I wouldn’t have ever thought to use a rope to hang it with. Not sure what we ever did without the internet and sharing such great ideas lol. Thanks for linking up with Inspire Me Monday. Sharing with my followers! I hope you have a blessed Easter!!

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