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I just love all the vinyl phases and numbering… it just adds more personalization to a space.  I’ve been wanting to put our address on the front door since I saw Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick redo the garage door into her house. With no extra $$$ though I needed to be a bit creative.  Thankfully I already had a black door (came with the house).
First I played around on the computer till a found a font & size I liked and printed out the “NO.” and “570”.
I taped down the printed page on a cutting board (scrapbooking).

Then I used an x-acto knife and very slowly cut out the numbers.  I used painter’s blue tape to hold everything down while cutting.
Then I took the numbers that were cut out and taped them on contact paper…. yes that cheap contact paper that you line your drawers and shelves with!
I’d say it took me “maybe” an hour to do & this is while I was getting kiddos their afternoon snacks & homework started.  It was easy & cheap ~ just the way I like my projects.
If you look at the cut-outs closely they definitely aren’t as clean as a vinyl cut-out would be, but these fit my budget.

Just another way to personalize & cozy up your front door.


  1. Well I think they look great. How clever to use contact paper. I painted on my front door for a DIY early in the summer. It turned out well too. Aren't we creative ???

  2. You did a fabulous job. I just did this to my garage door and it looks great, but I bought the vinyl numbers. Bet you saved a lot of $$!

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