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 I’m Maryann… I love tackling DIY projects, painting any and everything I can get my hands on, fluffing my home and constantly moving furniture & I do my best to impersonate a chef and baker. I hope you enjoy looking around!

Latest Recipes

Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread

Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread Recipe

Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread is an easy recipe using a spice cake mix! Cranberries add a festive hue and a tangy flavor to this Thanksgiving bread. I love the combo of the sweet spice bread and the tart cranberries. It’s a beautiful bread too, perfect for the holiday table. Ingredients for Cranberry Spice Bread spice cake…

Latest DIY Projects

DIY Big Farmhouse Shelf
diy | HOW TO

DIY Big Farmhouse Shelf

I’m so excited to show you the Big Farmhouse Shelf that I installed in our family room! Our family room has one of those concave media niches that were common in the early 2000’s here in Southern California. We created an entertainment center using IKEA shelves when we first moved in, but I was ready…

Latest Seasonal

Thrift Store Metal Pumpkin
craft | Fall | Thrift Store Decor

Thrift Store Metal Pumpkin

Since thrift stores offer so many things for so little money, here’s a Thrift Store Metal Pumpkin craft that’s cheap, easy – and great to look at. It’s thrift store makeover time again and this month I found this cute metal pumpkin to makeover. He was already looking pretty cute, but I want to tone…

Latest Crafts

Peppermint Bath Salt Ornament Gift Idea
Christmas | craft | HOW TO

Peppermint Bath Salt Ornament Gift Idea

These cute Peppermint Bath Salt Ornaments make great Christmas gifts! I’ve got 2 beautiful, sweet daughters that LOVE to give gifts to their friends! These homemade bath salts are super cute… I’d love one… plus they take only a few minutes to make. Who doesn’t enjoy a soak in the tub?  One of these bath…