Spring Cleaning with Mr. Clean

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A big thanks to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for sponsoring this fun Spring Cleaning post.  Spring is here, the sun is shining and it’s time to do some deep cleaning.  We’ve been having beautiful weather.  I just want to open all the windows and work my way around the home cleaning every room.  One of my favorite cleaning products that you can use in every room is Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  I used them throughout the year – for all sorts of stuff – they really are magical.

How to get your tile grout clean the easy way

I have white tiles for my kitchen counters (hopefully disappearing soon).  If you have white tiles in your kitchen you know the struggle is real to keep that grout clean… it’s a job!  I love that I can get the magic eraser damp and with a little rubbing the grout is clean.

I painted our maple kitchen cabinets a couple years ago.  I painted them white – which I love – but if you have white cabinets you know the drill.

Here’s how dirty one of my cabinets was…

How to easily clean your white cabinets

Fingerprints… dirt and grime!

Get those white cabinets clean and beautiful again

And quick wipe down and it looks freshly painted.

Another great example was our kitchen sink.  It’s been neglected the past weeks (we’ve had the stomach flu / sinus infection fun going on) – plus I let it sit to let it get really dirty so you can see how great it works.


Getting your dirty sink clean the easy way

Nasty right!  Once again Mr. Clean brings the muscle so with a little wiping it’s sparkling clean.

Get your sink sparkling clean using a magic eraser so quick and easy


Magic Erasers have water-activated micro-scrubbers that penetrate surface grooves anywhere that dirt and grime like to get trapped… making cleanups around your home so much easier.


35+ Ways to Use Magic Erasers that you'll loveHere’s some great tips on things you can clean with Magic Erasers!

  • outdoor patio tables
  • your grill
  • the whites of your tennis shoes
  • paint messes before they dry
  • kiddo fingerprints from walls
  • grass stains from shoes
  • caked on food on your dishes
  • your sink
  • your grout
  • your microwave
  • your oven
  • soap scum in your bathroom
  • inside your dishwasher
  • dried paint on door hinges
  • pen, markers and crayon from your walls
  • sticker and label residue
  • granite and stone countertops
  • microfiber couches
  • hair dye from countertops
  • keyboard, monitors
  • flat screen tv
  • coffee / tea stains from mugs
  • crockpot stains
  • stained caulking
  • toilet bowl ring (cut off a piece and let it sit in the toilet overnight)
  • paint scratches on your car
  • tarnish on silver
  • clean and brighten your white cabinets (one of my favorites)
  • scuffs on baseboards
  • scuffs on linoleum floors
  • stains on leather
  • hubcaps
  • vinyl siding
  • bathroom mirrors (keeps them from fogging up)
  • remove nail polish from walls, carpet, etc
  • doll faces
  • stain railings (ours are white and this is a lifesaver)
  • ballet slippers

Mr. Clean Dirty Little Secrets video shoot with Jillian Harris, Wednesday, March 16, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Mr. Clean/AP Images)

Here’s a super cute video where Jillian Harris shares her dirty little secret when it comes to cleaning.  I got to take part in a google video hangout with her a few weeks ago.  She’s SUPER sweet and funny.  Myself and a few other bloggers got to ask her some questions.  One of my favorite was question was how she’d clean if she only had 10 minutes until company was coming over.  Here’s her great answer:  ” I always focus on the kitchen because that’s naturally where everyone hangs out. I shove a lot of stuff in the junk drawer and I use the Magic Eraser – it’s so funny how much of a difference it makes just getting rid of those little scuffs and those little nicks around the base boards. I also like to spot wash the walls and make sure the island and counter tops are totally cleaned off. I’ll grab some fresh flowers from outside if its that time of year, light a candle and sometimes open up the windows just to allow a little bit of fresh air in. And if you have wine out, nobody notices how messy your house is!”  I love using Magic Erasers in my kitchen!


So do you have any other ways you use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser???  Do share!!!

As with any cleaning product, make sure to test a small area before using on an entire surface.

35+ Cleaning Tips with Magic Erasers


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