Donut Hole on a Stick | Easy Faux Cake Pop

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This is such an easy, adorable Valentine’s idea!  But it would be great any time.  It’s like a cake pop… but WAY easier to make!  Have you ever made cake pops?  I love them, but they are a bit labor intensive and messy.  This a great one to get the kiddos involved in making too.  Little, sweet things on a stick dipped in chocolate and coated in red and pink – how could you resist!  So let me show you how to make these oh-so-cute Valentine Donut Hole on a Stick.

Donut Pops the easiest faux cake pops without the mess


Start by melting your white chocolate.  I put my white chocolate in a bowl and start with 30 seconds in the microwave, stir and repeat until it’s completely melted and smooth.

Melted White Chocolate

Then I dipped the sticks into the white chocolate before inserting them into the donut hole.  I figured this would help them hold better.


Donut Hole Dipped in White Chocolate

Then dip it into the melted chocolate, twirling it to let the excess white chocolate drip off.

Then immediately add any sprinkles… so they will stick.

Faux Cake Pop with Sprinkles

I stick the donut hole on a stick into styrofoam while it dries.

Donut Hole Pops a easy cake pop recipe

The white chocolate hardens into the perfect thin outer layer.  The results are delicious!  And like I mentioned… SO much easily than a traditional cake pop.  My kiddos loves them and I loved how simple they were to make.

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