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6 Faux Pumpkins… Feature Friday

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Glittered DIY Pumpkin from Darice

Glittered Pumpkin

Super cute pumpkins right!

Here’s a few of my faux pumpkins over the years…


  1. Hi there! Letting you know that I’ll be featuring your post as on of my favorites over on Wednesday Whatsits. The next post with your photo will go live on Tuesday 8pm PST. Thanks for submitting such great content! I look forward to seeing what you post in the coming weeks!!! Krissy

  2. So sorry, didn’t really mention great pumpkins you’re featuring today. I love all of them, will be making at least couple of those if not more. Happy Fall

  3. Hi MaryAnn Hope you’re having beautiful Fall weather, we sure are, perfect, like San Diego. I can still hang out my laundry and have doors/windows open, wear shorts and short sleeved t-shirts.
    At night I wear my flannel jammers and sleep in flannel sheets. Hard to get out of bed in a.m. too cozy.
    So many great projects, they just keep coming and imagine will for while til the holiday projects start.
    Today I’m working on making a banner based on your leaf on burlap project. Was just going to make banner w/leaf on it then decided since I had some pieces of burlap left I’d make 4 flags, 2 on each side of bigger leaf flag. I dugout my Fall stencils and will be painting fall things on them. Also making little pins to wear with the felt leaves from $tree.
    Do you ever do that, make one project and your mind keepsthinking up more and more? Do you keep on making things til the creative juice runs out for that time?
    I love it when I do that, end up with lots of really nice items to give away. I give many things to our daughter/family or even to our local thrift shop to sell. I’d like to sell some to give me money for buying more craft supplies. SS income only goes so far.
    Better get back to it, heated up iron. Have wonderful weekend.

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