Favorite Family Dip

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This seriously has to be one of the easiest & yummiest dips… just 2 ingredients people!  Here’s our Favorite Family Dip!

Favorite Family Dip only 2 ingredients

Easy Dip with only 2 ingredients

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#1 ingredient… a can of chili ~ your choice… with beans, no beans, spicy, vegetarian… what ever you love.  We’re of the spicy bean chili variety here.

#2 ingredient… 4 ounces of cream cheese.

Put the chili and cream cheese in a pot and heat till the cream cheese has melted and it has heated through… taste testing is required for this! (SMILE)

Obviously this recipe can easily be double, tripled, etc.  I’d say the recipe above would serve 4-5 people depending on what other appetizers you have going on.

Oh… it’s creamy, yummy goodness!

If you missed my post earlier this week with lots of yummy football food you can check it out here.

Happy Weekend Folks!


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  2. I thought I had my SuperBowl dip all picked out and ready to make. Until you posted this….I’m SOLD! Looks good and super easy, my 2 requirements. Thanks for making my life easier, lol. I’m pinning this one!

    1. Oh good Shasta… it’s is fantastic… I’m sure you’ll LOVE it!

      1. We do one with chili without beans and velveeta cheese. 1 can chili to 1 small velveeta or 2 cans to a large velveeta. We had it next to spinach dip one time and everyone dipped the cut up French bread for the spinach dip, into the chili cheese dip. Sort of like a fondue spin off. So good!

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