Creamy Lemon Parmesan Chicken

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During the summer months life is busy, so having an easy dinner that my family will love is always a win-win.  So I was excited to try a Tyson® Fully Cooked Dinner and Entrée Kit.

Lemon Parmesan Chicken

I found the Tyson Fully Cooked Dinner Kit – Lemon Parmesan Chicken at my local Albertsons in the frozen food section.  The creamy, lemon Parmesan sauce drew me in when I saw it.  These meal kits are the perfect size for two, and last week my husband and I got to enjoy one.

The dinner kits are filled with proteins and veggies that are prepped and portioned for two.  The high quality meat is fully cooked and then vacuum-sealed into the tray at the peak of freshness.

The entrée kits are meat only but equally as good! Tyson uses all natural* chicken which is raised with no antibiotics ever, minimally processed, and no artificial ingredients added!

The Lemon Parmesan Chicken came with very easy directions.  I started by placing my chicken in a pan with a little bit of oil and water.  The veggies got their own pan with some water.

The chicken and veggies got covered to get some steam action to help them heat through.

Both the chicken and mixed veggies finished with the lid off.  Friends…the smell was amazing!  The final step was to heat the lemon Parmesan sauce in the microwave.

Time for plating.  I gave my husband and I each 2 pieces of chicken and a couple scoopfuls of the seasonal veggies.  Then I finished the chicken off with the warmed lemon Parmesan sauce.

I sliced up some French bread and dinner was served!

The chicken was juicy and flavorful – I loved the lemon Parmesan sauce and the veggies were perfectly seasoned!

There are lots of great varieties of Tyson Fully Cooked Dinner and Entrée Kits such as:

  • Dinner Kit – Crispy Chicken Pomodoro
  • Dinner Kit – Seasoned Steak Fillet and Mushrooms
  • Dinner Kit – Lemon Parmesan Chicken
  • Entrée Kit – Roasted Ginger Chicken
  • Entrée Kit – Citrus Roasted Chicken
  • Entrée Kit – Crispy Adobo Chicken

Right now through 9/30/18 you can grab an Albertsons digital coupon for $2 off any ONE Tyson® Fully Cooked Dinner or Entrée Kit.

$2 Off Coupon Tyson Fully Cooked Dinner or Entrée Kit

So grab the coupon and check out these great, easy dinner options at your local Albertsons.  I know I’m excited to try the other varieties!

Lemon Parmesan Chicken with mixed veggies



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