Summer Grilled Chicken And Asparagus

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Happy June DS Readers!! Last month I shared a recipe that had some kick and pizzazz! You seriously have to check out these Shrimp and Mango Salsa Tacos! My whole family loved this recipe, and it is even something simple enough that you can make a larger batch and share for a summer get together!  This month I’ve got a delicious Grilled Chicken and Asparagus recipe to share with you.

Grilled Chicken and Asparagus - the perfect summer dinner recipe

We love to host gatherings, especially in the Summer. (That is a gene that has been passed down from my grandma!) There is just something really enchanting about gathering around a picnic table and enjoying the sunshine together. No matter if it’s a small group or a large one, if the company is good and the bellies are happy, you’re sure to have a memorable time!

Hosting in the Summer is perfect because not only are grilling recipes easier and low maintenance, but then you don’t have to white glove clean your home! haha! Everyone is outside, so the pressure is off! Even on busy days when you don’t have time to make this extravagant sit down dinner, grilling can be a great way to offer a meal to your busy family. I know it’s already been a struggle to get my kids interested in coming inside for meals, so this way they can continue to play and enjoy the sunshine while you grill! Offer it up picnic style and they will be excited to take a break from the sprinkler or pool for a meal.

Delicious dinner recipe perfect for summer - grilled chicken and asparagus


One of my favorite recipes to grill is Grilled Summer Chicken and Asparagus and to boot it’s actually super simple. All this recipe requires is a simple list of ingredients, a grill and about 10 minutes of your time! No joke! Let’s take a look at what you need to get this crowd pleasing meal.




4-6 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts: Approximately 6-8 Oz each 

1 Bottle of your favorite Italian salad dressing

Asparagus (ends freshly cut)

1 Lemon

Salt to taste


  1. Preheat grill onto medium/high heat. Lay a piece of foil onto the grill.
  2. Place chicken breasts onto grill. Cook for on average for 10 minutes (or until juices run clear). Flip them every so often. Every time you flip, toss some Italian dressing onto the tops. Because you’re grilling on the foil, the dressing will thicken up and place a nice glaze onto the chicken. During the last-minute of cooking, squeeze fresh lemon juice onto each chicken breast. Place onto a plate to settle before serving. IMG_4003Place asparagus on the grill and cook on the same heat for approximately 7 minutes. I like to use the same spot that the chicken breasts grilled so that the asparagus can get some of the “seasoning” from the chicken. Turn often, and just like the chicken place some dressing on the asparagus every time you turn. Lightly salt to taste during the last-minute of cooking.


Easy Summer Dinner - Grilled Chicken & Asparagus - a delicious and quick dinner to put together


It’s seriously that low maintenance and you wont be slaving over the grill while your guests are enjoying their own company! I picked up our asparagus at our local farmers market, and the flavor was amazing! You can also pair this meal with a simple salad, or even have some other grilled veggies added to the list. It’s a great healthy option that is really refreshing on a hot day.

How to Grill Asparagus

It’s amazing how the mixture of chicken, asparagus and the Italian dressing creates such a burst of flavor! If you prepare enough ahead of time, you can even choose to marinate your chicken in the dressing ahead of time. I don’t always do this, because it is a great last-minute meal… but it does add even more flavor to the meat. In this case, you may need 2 bottles to be on the safe side!

Moist and Juicy Grilled Chicken


I hope you enjoy this meal as much as we do! It is a staple in our home over the warmer months. On the off-chance that there are left-overs, you can even use those the next day on a salad! Instant lunch!

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