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How to Make the Perfect Spinach Smoothie

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Hey, y’all! It’s Hannah from Through the Lens again. Today I want to share with you the easiest how-to for a spinach smoothie. Have you ever tried to make a spinach smoothie and it just be…..yucky? Have clumps and chunks of spinach and you can’t seem to get enough liquid? Here’s how to fix that.

Make a Smoothie

Step 1- Blend your liquid- milk, almond milk, juice, water, whatever- with your spinach until the spinach is quite fine.
Step 2- Add fruit, yogurt and any other add-ins. Mix until blended well.

It’s so easy! But there is something to just mixing the liquid with the spinach first that helps the consistancy to turn out right!

What’s your favorite thing to put in spinach smoothies?
Hannah Diane

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