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Spring Mum Cupcakes

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Spring Mum Cupcakes – Learn how to make cute mums from marshmallows to top your cupcakes. These cupcakes are perfect for Spring, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Adding some spring flare to your cupcakes is super easy with this fun food craft. You could make these mums on a bigger scale on top of a cake too if you wanted.

cupcakes, spring, flowers, marshmallows, decorating

Aren’t they so cute!

mum cupcakes with marshmallows

Make Cupcakes

First step is to make your cupcakes and let them cool before frosting. We made Pink Lemonade cupcakes with a Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting, perfectly refreshing for Spring. You can make whatever flavor cupcakes you want though. Lemon or orange cupcakes would be great during spring or summer, and of course chocolate is always a favorite and vanilla cupcakes are always a faithful favorite. After you bake your cupcakes let them cool completely before you frost them

For the frosting you can see that ours is a light pink. Whatever frosting you use, you will see it though the mum petals, so plan for that. I would suggest a while or light colored frosting. We used a cream cheese frosting, but a buttercream frosting would work great too.

flowered cupcakes for spring

Make Mums from Marshmallows Instructions

cupcakes, spring, flowers, marshmallows, decorating

What you need:

  • mini marshmallows (I used pastel colored but you can use white)
  • colored sugar or sprinkles
  • knife or kitchen scissors

To make the shape of the petals, take the mini-marshmallows and cut them in half on the diagonal.

Then dip the cut side (because it’s sticky) into the colored sugars. This creates the pretty flower petals.

cupcakes, spring, flowers, marshmallows, decorating

To create the mum flower, I started placing the pedals on the outer edge of the cupcake and worked my way to the center of cupcakes.

cupcakes, spring, flowers, marshmallows, decorating

I love how easy they are to make! It turns something basic into pretty cupcakes. You could even by store bought cupcakes and add the mum flowers to the top. These cupcakes would be a great dessert for baby showers, bridal showers, or even a birthday for a flower lover. They really are so much fun to make for any special occasion.

spring mum cupcakes


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