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Cleaning Grout without Chemicals and a SteamMachine Plus Giveaway!

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Thank you to HomeRight for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

Happy Monday Friends! We have white tile kitchen countertops… they are absolutely my least favorite part of our kitchen. Hopefully they will be going bye-bye soon, but till then those babies need cleaning.

I love the HomeRight SteamMachine Plus. I love it for cleaning the floor, the bathrooms and my kitchen counter grout.

Cleaning White Tile Countertops with Steam No Chemicals 4

Wiping a tile countertop down doesn’t do a lot to clean the grout… that’s why I love how easy it is to clean it with the SteamMachine Plus.

This chamber of the SteamMachine Plus pops out so you can easily clean your countertops, bathroom, etc.

You can check out my other post sharing how well the SteamMachine Plus cleans floors and bathrooms.

Here’s my countertops after I had wiped them down… grout still not looking great.

Cleaning White Tile Countertops with Steam No Chemicals 5

Not too pretty!

Cleaning White Tile Countertops with Steam No Chemicals 2

The SteamMachine Plus comes with this awesome grout brush.

In less than a minute the machine is ready to go.

Cleaning White Tile Countertops with Steam No Chemicals 3

Look at that dirt getting loosened up from the steam!

Within a short amount time my counterop looked so much better.

Cleaning White Tile Countertops with Steam No Chemicals 1

Much better right?

Now you have a chance to win a SteamMachine Plus for yourself!

HomeRight Steam Mop Plus Giveaway

Good Luck!

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All opinions expressed on Domestically Speaking are my honest opinions… I truly love this SteamMachine Plus!

Cleaning White Tile Countertops with Steam No Chemicals



  1. I would use the SteamMachine Plus to clean and sanitize my kitchen. I love cooking and it is so much more enjoyable when my kitchen is sparkling.

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  3. i will clean my bathroom and my kitchen floors this would work great for the floors ty for this chance

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  5. The first thing I would clean would be the grout on my tile floor. I can never seem to get it clean but I am sure this would do the trick !!

  6. I have been looking for something that would clean the very old grout in my shower. This just might make my life complete!

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