Fancy Caramel Apples

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This last weekend the kiddos and I tried to make our version of the fancy caramel apples you find at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (LOVE THAT PLACE).
Items Needed:
Apples (we used Granny, Fugi and Gala)
Bag of caramel squares
Wooden pop sticks (ours came in the bag of caramels)
Oreos crushed
Mini marshmellows
Any other fav of yours
Wash and dry your apples and plunge your pop stick into the top of your apple core.  Then I prepped all the dipping options.  Once you dip into the caramel it starts to harden quickly, so you need to be ready.  You also need to prep the cooling area.  I used waxed paper lightly buttered to prevent sticking.
We just followed the directions on the bag, but instead of the 2 tbsp of water I used 2 tbsp of milk.  I think it makes it a little creamier.
So unwrap all your caramels ~ a perfect job for one of the kids, just make sure to watch that they don’t try to sneak one.
Heat caramels and milk over medium, low heat stirring constantly till all melted.
Dip an apple into the caramel and scoop as needed with a spoon to coat the apple.
Then very quickly add your toppings.  You may need to press them on a bit to help them stick well (like oreos and marshmellows).
Put your apples in the fridge for a hour to cool.
Look how cute they turned out…
Ok, maybe they aren’t as pretty as the pros, but they tasted just as yummy.
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  1. will make these as a fall tradition and we have a carame apple station with jelly beans, red hots, mm's and so many other tasty toppings my favorite is the plain caramel apple though

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