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Easy Fruit Juice Slushie Recipe

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Fruit juice slushie is a fast, fun summer treat for kids! Learn how to make this easy frozen drink recipe. We make this a couple times a week during the summer. It’s super easy, refreshing and much healthier and easier on your pocketbook too… Easy Fruit Juice Slush!

Easy Fruit Juice Slushies... Perfect for Summer

What You’ll Need:

  • blender
  • ice cubes
  • fruit juice (whatever flavor you like)

How to Make Slushie with Juice

Here’s how we make our homemade slushies.

Add about 1  1/2 cups of ice (crushed makes for a faster slushie) to your blender.

Add your favorite fruit juice, filling it to just below the top of the ice.

ice and juice in a blender

Pulse on ice crush for about 20 pulses…

then blend on high for about 10 seconds to get a great consistency.

That’s it! Pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy. This is great because each person can have whatever juice they love to get the taste they want. Apple juice, grape juice, and pineapple juice are favorite flavors for us.

This makes 1 serving. I hope you enjoy your fruit juice slushie when you give it a try!

My favorite blender

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fruit juice slush in a glass

A super easy treat for you and your kiddos this summer…

Easy Fruit Juice Slushies

an easy cool down snack on those hot summer afternoons!

Tasty Add-Ins

Another great option to make your slush a little fancy is to replace half of the ice with frozen fruits. Here are some great options:

  • strawberries
  • raspberry
  • mixed berries
  • mangos

Replacing the juice with Gatorade makes for a great after game refreshing treat too.

fruit juice slush

Fruit Juice Slush

Fruit juice slushies are a fast, fun summer treat for kids! Learn how to make this easy frozen drink recipe.
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Prep Time:3 minutes
Total Time:3 minutes


  • blender


  • cup ice
  • fruit juice


  • Add the ice to the blender. Using crushed ice will make the blending process quicker.
  • Add enough fruit juice so it is just below the top of the ice.
  • Pulse for 20 pulses.
  • Then blend on high for 10 seconds.
  • Pour into a glass and enjoy!
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: frozen, juice, summer
Servings: 1 slush
Cost: $1

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