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Easy Fruit Juice Slushie Recipe

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Hey there friends!  I’ve got one of my kiddos’ favorite summer treats to share with you guys today.  We make this a couple times a week during the summer.  It’s super easy, refreshing and much healthier and easier on your pocketbook too… Easy Fruit Juice Slushies!

Easy Fruit Juice Slushies... Perfect for Summer

Here’s how we make them.

Add about 1  1/2 cups of ice (crushed makes for a faster slushie) to your blender.

Add your favorite fruit juice, filling it to just below the top of the ice.

Easy Fruit Juice Slushies

Pulse on ice crush for about 20 pulses…

then blend on high for about 10 seconds.

That’s it!

This makes 1 serving.

Easy Fruit Juice Slushies

A super easy treat for you and your kiddos this summer…

Easy Fruit Juice Slushies

an easy cool down snack on those hot summer afternoons!

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