Gingerbread Cookie Hangers

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I’ve got the cutest addition for your Christmas cup of hot chocolate or coffee, these super cute Gingerbread Cookie Hangers.  These adorable sweet treats are super easy to make and would be perfect for a Christmas party… your kiddos on Christmas morning… or anytime you want to make your hot drink a little more special with cookie mug hangers.

Gingerbread Cookie Hangers on Hot Chocolate

Gingerbread Cookie Hangers

Aren’t they adorable!  Here’s how you make them…

Gingerbread Cookie Hanger Supplies

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Gather the supplies listed above.

Gingerbread cookies and mini candy canes

Begin by removing your mini candy cane from the package.  Then place a small strip of frosting on the back of the candy cane, not on the side where the hook overhangs.

Placing red frosting on the mini candy cane

Place the candy cane on the back of the cookie with the hook facing out. Place the candy cane near the top of the cookie.

Use red frosting to adhere the mini candy canes to the back of the gingerbread cookie

Next, melt a few pieces of melting chocolate in the microwave in a small bowl. I usually start with 30 seconds, stir and then add more time if needed.

Melt the chocolate and drizzle onto candy cane on the gingerbread cookie

Drizzle the melting chocolate over the bottom of the candy cane and then place the gingerbread men cookies in the fridge for a few minutes.

Candy canes attached to gingerbread cookies

Once finished in the fridge, the cookies should be ready to hang on any cup of warm liquid, my personal favorite is some hot cocoa but egg nog would be great too! Super easy just hang it on the edge of a mug.


I know my kiddos would love these on a cup of hot chocolate!


I hope you get a chance to make some this Christmas season!



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