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Hello Kitty Cake

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Today I’m going to show you how to make a Hello Kitty Cake last minute!  Yesterday was my littlest princess’s 6th birthday.  I asked her a few weeks ago what kind of cake she wanted.  I showed her all these yummy cupcakes I had pinned on Pinterest… hoping she’d want one for her birthday (since I was desperate to try some).  What did she want?   A funfetti box cake mix and funfetti vanilla frosting made as basic cupcakes and she wanted to make them all on her own.

I was a bit disappointed (because I wanted to try one of those yummy cupcakes) but figured… yeah, an easy cake.  Last year I tried my hand at fondant for the kiddos’ birthday cakes, so this would definitely be less time-consuming.

So the day before her birthday she gets the box mix and frosting out and announces she wants a Hello Kitty cake.  OK… how do we make a Hello Kitty cake with sprinkles on the frosting?

Thankfully inspiration hit…

Easy Kello Kitty Cake

She made up her cake mix, cracking the eggs and all and we baked them in two 9” cake pans.  Once cooled we stacked them.  She spread the frosting all over.  Then we placed a Hello Kitty face that I had printed in the center (don’t press down, just place it on a gentle as possible).  I did an image search online, printed out one, and cut out the outline of the head.

Quick Hello Kitty Cake

Then she sprinkled all around the printout.  I slowly peeled off the printed Hello Kitty.  The frosting got a little messy and of course, she wanted to fix it herself.  I showed her how to slowly smooth it out & she did a great job (just a little crumb showed through).

Details on Hello Kitty Cake

Then we used candy from our candy bucket for the decorations.  We shaped some tootsie rolls for the eyes and used a yellow jawbreaker for her nose.

Hello Kitty's flower

For her sweet, summer flower we used jelly beans.

I had some black decorating gel on hand to use for the whiskers.

Cutest Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Birthday cuteness!


  1. I like your idea of using candy from candy bucket for the decorations, great arrangement. you shaped some tootsie rolls for the eyes and best to use yellow jawbreaker for her nose.

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