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Bacon Lovers ~ Ultimate Bacon Burger

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This Ultimate Bacon Burger is for all the bacon lovers out there.  We adore bacon.  Anyone else jump on that low-carb bandwagon like ten years ago…. how great was eating bacon all the time!  I digress… but if you love bacon you will love this bacon burger!

Bacon Lovers Burger:

How to make a Bacon Burger

There are so many ways you can customize this burger but the foundation is the key… BACON!

Bacon Lovers Burger

I start by taking 1/2 a pound of bacon and cut it up into big slices and place them in the food processor.

Bacon Lovers Burger

Pulse the bacon until it resembles your ground beef.

Bacon Lovers Burger

Combine 1 pound of ground beef with your chopped up bacon and form your burger patties.

Add your preferred seasonings.  I love using McCormick’s Worcestershire Pub Burger seasoning salt.  I just discovered it this summer and it’s yummers.

Bacon Lovers Burger

Grill those babies up.  I use medium heat since you’ve got that extra bacon goodness in them.

It took about 6 minutes per side.

Add your cheese, if wanted, and any other yummy extras.

Bacon Lovers Burger

I went with BBQ sauce and crispy onion toppers…. oh my!

Bacon lovers this is a must try burger!!!  Adding the bacon to the ground beef adds bacon flavor to every bite.

Hope you try this burger soon!

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